Please be aware that due to Covid restrictions and the Current M uk guidelines there will be no spectators allowed at the hill climb 12-13th June. We apologise for not informing  you  before now. We hope things in August will be different 


MSCC Member Spotlight No1

MSCC Member Spotlight No1


As a new feature, we have decided to pick a club member every month throughout the off-season and ask them questions on their experience and past motorsport history.

We have kicked this feature off with Ben Jackson from Carluke. Ben is 19 years old and has some track experience already. Ben was spotted at one of our members track day here at Forrestburn Hillclimb driving a Citroen Saxo VTS very well. We have previously posted the video of his run on our Facebook and the Club website.

Below is the conversation we had with Ben.

Q. How did you find out about Monklands Sporting Car Club?

A. I found out about MSCC through a friend Robert Stuart who has previously attended the track days in his red classic turbo mini and now the Clio 182. He recommended it to me and my dad as he thought it was one of the best track experiences you could get around here!

Q. What got you into motorsport or trackdays in the first instance?

A. I’ve always been into cars since I was tiny so grew up watching Top Gear and all sorts on the TV. So naturally, the next step was to go and race cars!

Q. Do you have a car and what do you think about competing in hillclimbing?

A. Yeah got 3 actually! 1.1 Saxo as a daily, Peugeot 306 GTi6 as the toy/weekend car (currently undergoing a full engine rebuild done by myself and some others) and a newly acquired Mk2 Astra project. Competing is really appealing to me, to be honest, and if I had the funds I would definitely go ahead. The only thing holding me back is the cost of building a competitive car and all the expenses relating to safety equipment.

Q. Is cost the only factor holding you back from having a go at the sport?

A. Yes and no. I don’t have much time at the moment juggling a part-time job and university also. Plus having 3 projects myself is a lot! If the cost wasn’t an issue then I’d more than likely be competing.

Ben's-306-GTi-6-Before Restoration

Q. Do you have any other hobbies?

A. Yeah I do a lot of Remote control car racing. I usually race at a wee club called Lothian Radio Controlled Car Club. Basically based on LMP cars, they’re little 1/12th scale electric cars that are raced on a special type of carpet. Setting them up got me into basic real car setup and has taught me a lot over the years.

Q. Sim racing has been the new big thing for younger people these days, especially throughout lockdown. Is this something you have been doing also?

A. Yeah lots! Sim racing has always been a massive thing to me. Been doing it since I was very young. Sim racing definitely taught me everything I know about driving, saving slides like oversteer etc and also car set up too.

Q. Are you planning to attend track days next year at Forrestburn or elsewhere?

A. Yeah I plan on doing as many as possible at Forrestburn, Kames and the odd Knockhill trip too. I would love to get to some tracks down south like Brands Hatch or Oulton Park but need to build the GTi6 back up before I would tackle those.

Q. Do you see yourself getting into circuit racing or hillclimbing if the chance presents its self? Or maybe both?

A. I’d love to do both. There’s quite a popular class that the 750mc Club run and its basically Saxo VTRs with roll cages doing some really close racing. Would love to get into that and also hill climbs too hopefully.

Q. Back to the point you mentioned before about university, what are you studying and what are your career goals?

A. I’m studying Cyber Security. I want to hopefully be in possibly the financial sector doing a cybersecurity role or even better for the government.

Q. Is there anything you think the club could do to reach out to younger people like yourself?

A. I’m honestly not too sure. I think what you have going at the moment is good as a lot of younger people are constantly on Facebook etc so keeping that active is definitely going to help. I think unfortunately with the rise in young people having access to brand new cars means that they are less likely to try these type of events due to having to use them as their sole mode of transport.

Thank you very much for your time Ben, we look forward to seeing you back out at Forrestburn next year with whatever car you decide to bring.

If anyone would like to participate in the member’s spotlight feature email us at and we will get in touch!

A great Trackday in excellent weather at Forrestburn

A great Trackday in excellent weather at Forrestburn

We had a great day in excellent weather at Forrestburn for our Trackday event. A brilliant sunny day (entirely typical of Forrestburn – haha), excellent track conditions and a great effort and organisation by MSCC’s Trackday Team. Participants were able to get maximum track time and many commented on how much value for money these events provide. All the Covid-19 requirements were met willingly by all who were present.

Here’s an in-car video of 19-year-old Ben Jackson in his Citreon Saxo VTS ascending the hill. Look out for a future blogpost about Ben and his car.

Thanks to all the entrants – we hope you all enjoyed the day – and of course to the Marshals without whom this event could not have taken place. And finally, thanks to Tricia MacDonald for these images of the day:

MSCC Production Car Trial – 11 October 2020

MSCC Production Car Trial – 11 October 2020


EVENT MOVED TO 1 NOVEMBER – entries open again

Hello everyone,

Remember me? Yes, it’s your friendly PCT organiser who has climbed out from under his rock to see what’s going on.

More seriously I hope that you are all safe and well. I was worried that we would not be allowed to hold a PCT at Forrestburn this year (and indeed that may be the case if Nicola feels she has to tighten restrictions) but I have been very impressed with the safe way that the Trackday events have been organised and hats off to the team that worked out how to do this safely. This gives me confidence that we can do the same for the Production Car Trials starting on Sunday 11 October 2020 rather than the previously advertised 4 October.

They will have to be different of course – similar set-up in the paddock to the Trackdays, on-line entry and payment via the web-site and no entries on the day. Also no barbecue, teas or coffee I’m afraid.

.To enter this event, please register and pay here. Please also note that we are limiting entries to 20

To marshal at this event, please register here.

The cost has gone up I’m afraid (MUK have doubled their fees per car!) but the entry price is still a reasonable £30 per entrant.

This event is very much a test for the new means of running these events so I’ll not be checking licences, etc too closely but I do hope that you can join us, either as a competitor or as a marshal. If you have questions (and I still have a few myself) then, by all means, get in touch.

If you are curious about car trials and what they entail have a look at this video or read our own brief summary of what is involved here.

I hope to see you soon.


Forrestburn Trackday: 27 September 2020

Forrestburn Trackday: 27 September 2020

It’s that time again! We are hoping to run another track day at Forrestburn on Sunday 27 September – Covid-19 permitting. The event will run from 11:00 to 15:00 with a strict gate opening and closing window. No spectators or photographers are allowed.

The team has been working very hard behind the scenes to accommodate the strict COVID-19 social distancing requirements and to ensure that Club members and staff alike have a safe visit to Forrestburn. As you will be aware the Covid-19 situation is very fluid at present and one we have been keeping a close eye on over the last few weeks. This event is subject to change and or cancellation due to the ongoing pandemic. We endeavour to keep our members regularly updated and should the event be cancelled you will be updated and refunded in full within 48hrs.

In addition to our already stringent Covid-19 safety measures, we are asking members and marshals to ensure that they are wearing face coverings whilst out-with their vehicles at the venue. This is to fall closer in line with the Motorsport UK’s latest guidance for their events. If you have an exemption from wearing a face-covering please do get in touch with us and let us know before the event.

It is absolutely essential that you read the regulations fully as they contain important information regarding the running of the day. You can download the Regulations here.

You can enter the event through the online Entry Form here and entries are now open. Again, we are restricted to 20 places due to social distancing requirements and we have a 5 place waiting list as before.

We are also asking that anyone wishing to marshal at the track day registers their details with us. You will find the online registration form here and the Guidance for Marshals here.

I hope we all have a great day and look forward to seeing you at Forrestburn.

MSCC Track Day Staff