August Hill Climb – Road and Modified Cars – Photogallery

August Hill Climb – Road and Modified Cars – Photogallery

Forrestburn-Aug-19-2019-Leslie-Ann Scoular's Mazda MX-5

Here’s a really standout set of pics from the Sunday event at Forrestburn. We got these from photographer William Stuart and, as always, we are very grateful and pleased to be able to publish them here. The cars and the landscape really shine in the brilliant weather.
Forrestburn Results: 24-25 August 2019

Forrestburn Results: 24-25 August 2019


This had to be the best ever weather on a hillclimb weekend at Forrestburn. Warm and sunny with temperatures in the high 20s was an ideal setting for many new class records, general good humour and a lot of sitting around gossiping. What’s not to like?

The Saturday event saw two new class records. David Reid in his Subaru Impreza beat the time set by Jac Koumides of 49.85 on 26 June 2010 in Class A3, setting a new class record of 49.21 seconds. Jim Campbell in a Crossle 12F beat Andrew Paterson’s record in the H99 Class setting a new record of 49.80 seconds. Garry Dickson set BTD of 43.04 seconds and Paul Rhodes set 2nd BTD at 44.37. The Saturday results are available here.

Sunday saw four new class records. Derek Rothnie in a Renault Clio set 50.82 in Class A2 replacing the record set by Nigel Galvin of 50.92 in June 2015. Stuart Reid in Class B2 replaced his own record set on 23 June 2019 of 47.19 seconds with 46.97 seconds. In Class C3, Charlie Fraser set a new record of 46.11 seconds in a Spire GT3 Sovralimentato beating Graeme Bremner’s record of 46.13 seconds set in June 2014. In H99, Jim Campbell beat his own record from the previous day to set a new time of 49.53 seconds. Garry Dickson set BTD in his Force RGC at 40.59 seconds and Colin Graham set second BTD at 44.85 in his OMS PR. Sunday’s results are available here.

Forrestburn 24-25 August 2019: Entry List and Final Instructions

Forrestburn 24-25 August 2019: Entry List and Final Instructions


The Entry List (download the revised version here) for the August 2019 speed hill climb double-header at Forrestburn is now available to download together with the Final Instructions for the event. If you entered, please check that:

a) you are on the list
b) your details are correct – including the days that you entered for
c) you are happy with the class you are in

Please also be sure to read the Final Instructions – there are some changes from previous Finals which you have to be aware of. If necessary we will issue a revised entry list correcting any errors in a couple of days. If there are any problems please get in touch with Philip Rowlands, Secretary of the meeting – [email protected]

Results, as they happen on the day, will be available in the paddock through digital displays and we also hope to issue Final Results on the Saturday and Sunday evenings here (if possible).

Have a great weekend of motor sport – see you there.

Forrestburn’s Floppy Bollards and the MX-5 Trackday

Forrestburn’s Floppy Bollards and the MX-5 Trackday


At the forthcoming hill climb events at Forrestburn on 24-25 August, competitors will see that the Club has installed floppy bollards at some corners to limit excursions into the landscape from the track, to prevent damage to track edges and to limit soil and debris being carried onto the track by tyres.

As a previous Clerk of the Course said frequently:

The black bits are yours, the rest is mine, keep off it!

Also, in case anyone asks, no we are not re-setting hill records:

There is no need to review the records as nothing about the track has changed in any way, only the enforcement mechanisms for any who choose to leave it

All competitors are asked to walk the track prior to the event so that they are familiar with the position of the new bollards. They are also reminded that they are not skittles. Here are some images of the work party installing the bollards and the bollards themselves.


The MX-5 folk organised a Trackday for themselves at Forrestburn on Saturday 17 August – here are some images (note the interlopers)
Forrestburn Speed Hill Climb – August 2019: open for entries

Forrestburn Speed Hill Climb – August 2019: open for entries


image courtesy of Paul Russell
Monklands Sporting Car Club Ltd will promote two National B status Hill Climb Meetings at Forrestburn near Kirk o’Shotts OS Map 65/861649. The dates are Saturday 24 and Sunday 25 August 2019. The meetings will be governed by the general regulations of Motor Sport UK (Incorporating the International Sporting Code of the FIA), the Supplementary Regulations, and any written instructions that MSCC may issue for the events.

The meetings are open to members of Monklands Sporting Car Club Ltd and other clubs that are members of the Scottish Association of Motor Sports Clubs or Association of Northern Car Clubs. The event is also open to members of the Hillclimb and Sprinting Association (HSA). The closing date for entries is midnight on 14 August 2019. The entry fee is £85 per event. All MSCC members may deduct £5 per event. The entry list is now closed. You can speak to the Secretary of the Meeting Philip Rowlands ([email protected]) if you still want to enter and there have been extenuating circumstances which prevented you from entering on time.

If the Driver and Entrant are different or if the Driver is under 18, the PDF/hardcopy/paper form must be submitted and is available to download here.

Forrestburn 23 June 2019 – first photos

Forrestburn 23 June 2019 – first photos


Here are the first sets of photographs from Sunday’s event including above, a wonderful panorama shot by Dominik Miturski.

An unusual photo gallery from Paul Russell

Another set from Frazer Tich Prentice