At the forthcoming hill climb events at Forrestburn on 24-25 August, competitors will see that the Club has installed floppy bollards at some corners to limit excursions into the landscape from the track, to prevent damage to track edges and to limit soil and debris being carried onto the track by tyres.

As a previous Clerk of the Course said frequently:

The black bits are yours, the rest is mine, keep off it!

Also, in case anyone asks, no we are not re-setting hill records:

There is no need to review the records as nothing about the track has changed in any way, only the enforcement mechanisms for any who choose to leave it

All competitors are asked to walk the track prior to the event so that they are familiar with the position of the new bollards. They are also reminded that they are not skittles. Here are some images of the work party installing the bollards and the bollards themselves.

The MX-5 folk organised a Trackday for themselves at Forrestburn on Saturday 17 August – here are some images (note the interlopers)