Production Car Trials

These are the winter events. The setting is a grassy slope on which a course has been set out using pairs of canes numbered from 10 to 1 up the hill. The object is to drive as far up the course as possible.

Fast speeds are not a factor in these events as traction is the key to maintaining momentum up the slippery uneven surfaces. The further up the course you get, the fewer points you accrue. If you pass the ‘1’ marker you score 0.

There are usually four courses marked out and each is tackled four times during the day. At the end of the event, results are calculated and those in each class with the lowest score win.

What you need:
  • any car (which you don’t mind getting a bit muddy!)
  • Membership Card.
  • ballast – over your driving wheels to aid traction.
  • cost: approximately: £20.00


These are perhaps one of the most precise forms of motor sport and the most fun at the same time. An autotest consists of a course marked out by cones with a start and finish line. The course could be made up of a straightforward slalom or a more challenging, tight and twisty course.  The aim is to drive around the course as fast as possible.  Naturally, there are penalties for hitting cones, missing stop astride lines and for forgetting which way you’re going!   Autotests are a mixture of speed and driving skill, and practically any car can be used.  Most events are run on grass and tend not to have any reversing sections to avoid gearbox damage.

What you need:
  • any car (small cars have a bit of an advantage)
  • Membership Card.
  • a reasonable memory, to remember the route.
  • cost: approximately £25:00


Track Nights and Fun Days

These are reasonably self-explanatory, and give you the chance to have some fun in your car outside of competition, without the need for licences and regulations.  These events comprise one or more of the previously mentioned disciplines, though without there being any scoring or competition you can play around a bit and try out different things.  A lot of members who attend these events often don’t compete at all, and many members are introduced to the club, or even to motor sport through these fun days. Fun events also allow members to socialise a little more and are usually accompanied by a lunchtime or evening barbeque.

What you need:
  • any car and MSCC membership
  • helmet for the hill
  • barbeque food.
  • a sense of humour
  • cost: £30

 Hill Climbs

MSCC runs its own hill climb events at Forrestburn.  Hill climbs are a test of speed (and nerves) up a tarmac track consisting of hairpins, blind summits and negative camber comers, all against the clock.  Again just about any car can run in a hill climb, from classic cars to modern saloons and single seat racing cars.  A little more preparation is required for these events as you will need the minimum of a helmet, fireproof racing overalls and a timing strut. This is the only club event for which drivers require an Motorsport UK competition licence. (

To keep things fair, there are several different classes based on the type of car and engine size.  The entry level is Standard Cars, with no modification. Road saloons, a class which allows almost all road cars to compete with no modification except a timing strut.  There are then classes for sports cars, modified racing saloon cars, single seat racing cars and classic and thoroughbred cars.

The Motorsport UK ‘Yearbook’, will fill you in on all the requirements for your particular car. Alternatively, any club member or Motorsport UK Official at a hill climb event will be able to point you in the right direction.

What you need:
  • any car
  • Club membership and Motorsport UK “Inter-club” competition licence
  • helmet, race suit and timing strut
  • cost: £95


Track Night in the rain
Forrestburn Speed Hill Climb