EVENT MOVED TO 1 NOVEMBER – entries open again

Hello everyone,

Remember me? Yes, it’s your friendly PCT organiser who has climbed out from under his rock to see what’s going on.

More seriously I hope that you are all safe and well. I was worried that we would not be allowed to hold a PCT at Forrestburn this year (and indeed that may be the case if Nicola feels she has to tighten restrictions) but I have been very impressed with the safe way that the Trackday events have been organised and hats off to the team that worked out how to do this safely. This gives me confidence that we can do the same for the Production Car Trials starting on Sunday 11 October 2020 rather than the previously advertised 4 October.

They will have to be different of course – similar set-up in the paddock to the Trackdays, on-line entry and payment via the web-site and no entries on the day. Also no barbecue, teas or coffee I’m afraid.

.To enter this event, please register and pay here. Please also note that we are limiting entries to 20

To marshal at this event, please register here.

The cost has gone up I’m afraid (MUK have doubled their fees per car!) but the entry price is still a reasonable £30 per entrant.

This event is very much a test for the new means of running these events so I’ll not be checking licences, etc too closely but I do hope that you can join us, either as a competitor or as a marshal. If you have questions (and I still have a few myself) then, by all means, get in touch.

If you are curious about car trials and what they entail have a look at this video or read our own brief summary of what is involved here.

I hope to see you soon.