Today the Ross Duology continued from the June events with Ross Glen breaking his own Class Record for A9 in the first timed run (52.46s) and then again in the second run (52.08s). Ross Napier again set BTD but was 0.65 seconds off breaking the Class Record for C6.

Graeme Bremner set a new Class Record in A8 (48.67s) and Stuart Sugden shaved 0.90 seconds off Ross Napier’s old Class Record from 2012 in Class C1 (44.59s). You can download the results here.

Thanks to all the marshals, officials and of course the good-natured competitors for an excellent day of motor sport. Many people were dazzled today by the lovely weather at Forrestburn and may have already taken strong drink this evening to get over it. The best remedy is to turn up again tomorrow when the weather will be normal-for-Forrestburn (heavy rain and a moderate breeze). Enjoy it!