We have plenty of images to share from today’s event at Forrestburn but absolutely no reports from the event.  However, it is possible to say that the 2018 Silly Hat Trial was blessed with good weather but perhaps the quality and originality of the hats were less marked than in previous years. Commentary, analysis and even results from these arcane proceedings will follow shortly but for now, here are the images. Thanks to Tricia MacDonald and George Dow.

PS:   The results from yesterday’s production car trial are available here. Congratulations to Angus (not David as announced yesterday) for winning Class 1. David still gets the non-expert award however so well done to him. Congratulations also go to John Miller (Class 3) and Scott Clements (Class 5). As always, we would like to thank the following for making the event happen. To Keith for opening up the site and closing it afterwards, to Shonah for feeding everyone, for the many marshals and volunteers who came out yesterday (much appreciated) and to the many silly hat wearers.