This video, presented by Alastair Reynolds, describes the activities of the MSCC Development Group over the last year. The video was shown at the MSCC Annual General Meeting on 17 February 2019.

The video describes why the Development Group was set up and how it has worked with Scottish Motor Sports to address a series of issues which Clubs across Scotland are experiencing, especially the increasing age profile of members and the difficulty of getting young people to assist with running Clubs. Some of the initiatives taken over the past 12 months include:

  • a membership survey to find out what members want
  • engaging with other car clubs and working with cycling clubs, universities and further education colleges
  • running taster events tuned to attract these organisations
  • investigating enhanced facilities (eg disabled toilets, better car parking) to enable more events and attract more organisations

The successes so far include:

  1. a trial night with local cycling clubs
  2. a grass-roots motorsport track day and UG Racing demo run with great success
  3. University of Glasgow timing project using Forrestburn for testing
  4. Eunos Ecosse and MG Cr Clubs interested in using the track for events
  5. Scottish Cycling want to run a coaching event this year

Future plans include continuing with the SMS engagement programme, tendering for the improvement of the lower car park, investigating the toilet block upgrading, examining the maintenance of the car trial area and looking for funding to enhance facilities.