MSCC Car Trial at Forrestburn
Following on from Donald MacDonald’s excellent article about the final Track Day of 2017 at Forrestburn, Jonathan Neale now invites you to take up the challenge of the Autumn Trials at Forrestburn. He writes:

While Hurricane Irma batters the USA, it’s time to focus our attention on production car trials once more. The regs and entry form for the trials on Sunday 8 October and Sunday 5 November 2017 are now available here and on the events page. As before, please feel free to send me your entry form by email and pay on the day, or by post if you prefer.

Alas, Shonah cannot be with us for the first event and so no catering this time around. However, the barbecue will be available for those that wish to use it. As always, marshals will be made very welcome. Come and join us if you are able. I look forward to meeting with you again next month.

The thing is, this time you definitely will be on the grass – in fact, it will be welcomed. So any hill climb folk who just loved to defy our outgoing Clerk of the Course David Swinton by cutting corners should come along and mess up as much grass as they can manage. Do come along – you may not understand what’s happening … but hardly anyone else does so it’s all good.