Forrestburn Results – 28 August 2016

28 August 2016 - Monklands Sporting Car Club - Forrestburn Speed Hill Climb
The sun didn’t shine so much and it was fairly cold but the gremlins stayed away and most competitors had three practice runs. There were some spots of rain but nothing serious.

Leslie Mutch got BTD with 39.52 seconds but didn’t manage to break the hill record of 39.20s. Other awards went to John Hamilton for fastest Road Car and to John Lowe for fastest Modified Car. Jamie Gibbon was fastest in the historic classes.

The results are available to download here. Hope you had a great weekend. Thanks to the marshals without whom this event would not have taken place and to the officials, competitiors and everyone else. See you next time.

Finally here is another image gallery from photographer Chris Nicholson taken today:

Forrestburn Results – 27 August 2016

Alastair Reynold's Austin Super Accessories Special at Forrestburn Speed Hillclimb
For those of you who have been to Forrestburn on previous occasions but were not there today it may seem hard to believe but the weather was dry and it was pleasantly warm. Surprisingly there were no new class records but who is to say that Leslie Mutch (40.63s today and BTD) won’t eclipse the Lee Adams record from 29 August 2010 of 39.20 seconds – soon?

Other notables today included John Hamilton as the fastest Road Car, John Lowe as the fastest Modified Car and Neil Hopkinson as the fastest historic – though the class winners of the H Classes were Tom Richardson, Gordon McRobbie and Derek House (after applying their handicapping thing).

Anyway, the results are available to download here and we look forward to another great day tomorrow – fingers crossed re weather and gremlins. Meanwhile here is a late treat from photographer Chris Nicholson who was in the paddock today.

Forrestburn Speed Hill Climb – 27/28 August 2016 Update

The Entry List for the August 2016 speed hill climb double-header is now available to download together with the Final Instructions for the event. If you entered, please check that:

a) you are on the list
b) that your details are correct
c) that you are happy with the class you are in

If there are any problems please get in touch with Marion Hopkins. Please also be sure to read the Final Instructions.

Results as they happen on the day will be available in the paddock through digital displays and we also hope to issue Final Results on the Saturday and Sunday evenings here (if possible).

Have a great weekend of motor sport – see you there.

Forrestburn: 27-28 August 2016 Hill Climb

711-Craig-Nicol-Caterham-Super-7-_DSC3864 - image courtesy of John Crae
The Supplementary Regulations and Entry Forms are now available for the August 2016 events which will consist of a double-header on 27-28 August 2016. We are now taking entries for this events and the details of how to enter are on our events page and here.

We really would appreciate it if everyone used our online entry system as it cuts down the amount of work we have to do in organising the event. It takes a lot of time and effort to type sometimes barely legible hand written entries into the system – you know who you are.

You can enter these hill climb events from the marvellous online system which you can access from here. We have retained the option to download the form as a PDF, print it, fill it in with a Biro and send it back to Marion in the time-honoured manner. You also have the option to fill in the PDF digitally on your computer then print it and send it to Marion with your cheque.

We are looking for a record entry this time so get clicking!

MSCC Forrestburn Tracknight 6 July 2016

mscc-tracknight-06072016 - The Steaming Citroen
On another typical dreary night of weather at Forrestburn a few stalwarts, some returning old hands and some welcome new faces slithered their way up the hill on the permanently wet track. Unusually for a track night, mechanical attrition was high but most of the problems were temporary. The Raptor suffered a sticking throttle which made life even more exciting for the pilot on a slippery track, the Citroen imitated a kettle and the Ford engined Midget required a plug change to remove a misfire. There were no off-track excursions and the hardy kept plugging away until the finish at 8.30pm – at which point the rain stopped of course!

Photos from Trish at the start line – text from Donald – also at the start line.