1953 Connaught at Forrestburn
A contribution from a supportive member
by Alastair Reynolds

I was asked to write a piece for the web about our fun night on the 13th June from a different perspective from the previous contributions. I am what can be referred to as a fair weather member. I mostly appear on Fun and Track Nights however I have marshalled and helped out at work parties on occasion. I totally support the aims of the club. From my perspective you have a policy of welcoming all and keep your annual charges low to attract new members and keep them coming. The reception I get every time I do attend is most friendly. I plan to participate more in future, possibly in my newly constructed Sylva J15. I may even get a competition licence soon.
Alastair Reynolds - Westfield SEIW 2L Duratec at Forrestburn
I particularly value the Fun Nights at Forrestburn as you have a track that is quite marvellous to drive and your Fun nights are only £25. My night did not start well as I took my glasses off to put my helmet on and forgot to replace them. I drove round to the start line thinking the wind visor was particularly dirty that night and lifted it to find I had no glasses on. I had left them at the car park dropping off the car as I left. Fortunately the glasses were still in one piece.

After a couple of runs my car failed to start after I had switched it off so it would not exceed 70 degrees (the sweet spot for my engine). I had a few nervous minutes at the start line while I tracked down the fault (a fuse was trying to exit the fuel relay cct). I have a new trailer but left it behind as I only intended to do few laps (I had an IVA at 8am the next day for the Sylva).

The highlight for me was the sight of that Connaught 1953 racer. It was a marvellous car and created a real presence in the paddock. It has some sort of preselect gearbox and fuel injected 2L engine – a development of a Lea Francis design (I was told by one of the more knowledgeable members).

Some notes on the rest of the crew:

The chap with the Connaught ‘A’ Series, was Robert Bremner who joined on Thursday night and also campaigns a Cobra. The Connaught was not playing for part of the night as it had battery issues and as it runs on methanol seemed a little temperamental possibly due to old fuel.
Connaught in the Paddock at Forrestburn
Chris Kuhn in a Mitsubishi Lancer having his usual ball and in a four wheel drive car, managing to exit the top hair pin sideways was an impressive sight.
Chris Kuhn in a Mitsubishi Lancer having his usual ball
Drivers took turns at marshalling (only fair) with the exception of Donald and Trish McDonald who were at the start all evening. Well done for that contribution.
Other cars :- Audi S3, Citroen Saxo, Midget, 205, Douglas Anderson in his Austin Seven Special, Colin Rushford with his Porsche 944, Scott Clements with Clan Crusader, fiat X 1/9, MX5 x 3, Fiesta XR2 and my yellow Westfield SEIW 2L Duratec.

The weather stayed dry, some said it was cold. I have been at that venue when it was Baltic and anything better than that is a real bonus.
Old-wrecks-in-the-paddock at Forrestburn
As a footnote to Alastair’s great post, on behalf of the Club, thanks to everyone who has made it possible for us to get back on our feet after the fire and who contributed in so many different ways – be it physical effort, materials, equipment or money to replace items destroyed and put things back in order. Your help is much appreciated.