Morgan at the Forrestburn HairpinA certain member of MSCC was supposed to write a few words on the great Track Night (Track Night – not Fun Night I’ve been told) held at Forrestburn on 9 July 2013. He hasn’t so I will put something together – even though I wasn’t there.

Apparently people turned up at 6:30 pm, they paid money, they signed on as marshals and/or as drivers, they put their helmets on and drove round in circles for two and a half hours then they went home. That’s about it really. It’s amazing what people will do to entertain themselves.

Trish and Donald organised some great photos of the cars. It was a good night – so polish your helmets for the next one. The same thing will happen again Friday 9 August 2013 – be there or watch more rubbish on the tele.