The Entry List for the August 2017 speed hill climb double-header is now available to download together with the Final Instructions for the event. If you entered, please check that:

a) you are on the list
b) that your details are correct
c) that you are happy with the class you are in

We have had more gremlins than normal with the entries for this event, not only with the payment gateway to Paypal but also with an ongoing denial of service attack on the website so please check carefully if everything is in order with your entry.

If there are any problems please get in touch with Marion Hopkins. Please also be sure to read the Final Instructions. If necessary we will issue a revised entry list correcting and errors early next week.

Results, as they happen on the day, will be available in the paddock through digital displays and we also hope to issue Final Results on the Saturday and Sunday evenings here (if possible).

Have a great weekend of motor sport – see you there.