2020 Events and Results

This table combines the event schedule, the venue information, the entry forms and the results. When Entry Forms and Regs are available they will appear in the 'Enter' column and the results will be available for download from the 'Results' column.

Sunday 16 February 2020MSCC AGMSummerlee
Sunday 1 March 2020Production Car TrialForrestburncancelled
Sunday 29 March 2020Production Car TrialForrestburncancelled
Sunday 26 April 2020Season Warm UpForrestburncancelled
Wednesday 6 May 2020Track NightForrestburn
Sunday 17 May 2020AutotestForrestburn
Wednesday 3 June 2020Track NightForrestburn
Saturday 13 June 2020Hill ClimbForrestburn
Sunday 14 June 2020Hill ClimbForrestburn
Wednesday 1 July 2020Track NightForrestburn
Sunday 26 July 2020Grass AutotestCoulter nr Biggar
Wednesday 5 August 2020Track NightForrestburn
Saturday 22 August 2020Hill ClimbForrestburn
Sunday 23 August 2020Hill ClimbForrestburn
Sunday 13 September 2020End of Season Track DayForrestburn
Sunday 4 October 2020Production Car TrialForrestburn
Sunday 1 November 2020Production Car TrialForrestburn